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Thank you for visiting our website! Byrne Aerial is a Veteran-Owned, Family-Run Drone Service Provider located in Southeast Pennsylvania specializing in high resolution Aerial Photography and Videography

The services we provide give our clients a new and unique perspective of their business interests. Our services; save time, money, enhance safety and help to protect the environment.
We provide aerial services like roof inspections, home inspections public utility and municipal infrastructure inspections, site mapping, solar farm and wind turbine inspection, agricultural infrared irrigation surveys, site mapping and monitoring as well as search and rescue and law enforcement assistance.
Aerial Services like these using drone technology save time and money over traditional methods and enhanced safety for the public and employees.
Byrne Aerial uses Licensed & Insured Professional Drone Pilots and Professional Photographers and Thermographers who adhere to strict safety standards and comply with local and federal guidelines.

◊ Making our clients look good is our business ◊

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Products and Services

Real Estate

Arerial photos and video provide a unque prospective that reveals the unique arichitecture, landscape and features of the entire property. Byrne Aerial provides all your Real Estate photography service needs.

  • High resolution photos and video,
  • Aerial Video,
  • Virtual Tours,
  • In-house editing and Post-processing.
  • Fast turn-around.
  • Residential, Commercial or Industrial


Drones are the safest, fastest and most cost effective way to access hard to reach places. Drones document and record what they see in increadiblely high detail, and can cover a large area quickly withour risking additional damage or human safety.

  • Aerial Footage for Property Valuation
  • Property Inspections
  • Roof Inspections
  • Property Damage Surveying
  • Infrastructure Inspection


Costruction site progression shots make a great marketing tool for social media, and help your company track progress over time. Before and after shot make a great addition to your companies portfolio too.

Monitor drainage, erosion, vegitation growth and other environmental issues that have the potential to change over time.

  • Site Moitoring
  • Construction Progress
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Wildlife studies
Five Things you should know before hiring a Drone Company!
At Byrne Aerial safety and compliance with local and federal regulations are the cornerstone of our business, as is protecting the interests of our clients. To that end – consider these facts when hiring a drone pilot, or drone company:

  1. Commerical Drones are not toys. They are powerful machines and are considered aircraft by the government. They can cause severe injury and property damage at the hands of an inexperienced individual.
  2. The hiring entity may also be liable if a drone incident occurs.
  3. FAA certification is required to fly drones for commericial use.
  4. Liability insurance for drones is not required by the FAA, but special insurance for drones is available. A responsible drone operator would carry insurance.
  5. Drones used for commercial purposes must each be registered with the FAA and labeled with their registration number.

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